3D Printed Conductive Materials

Conductive materials can be incorporated into different filaments or deposited with syringe or inkjet tools. These can be conventional metals (silver, nickel, gold, copper)  or conductive polymers such as PEDOT:PSS or carbon in graphene, nanotube, or carbon black forms. Graphene is commonly either incorporated into a polymer composite (PLA etc.), or in inkjet printable form.  The table below compares several products on the market. Select the product name to be forwarded to the product page.


Conductive Material Product Sheet Resistivity (ohm/sq) Viscosity (cP) Volume Resistivity (ohm*cm) Density (g/cm^3) Conductivity (S/m) Cost ($/g)
Silver Epoxy Paste Atom Adhesives AA-DUCT 905 10-12 mohm/sq 6800 <0.001 2.35 >100000 $7.20
PEDOT-PSS Sigma Aldrich PEDOT-PSS 0.985 $5.42
Sigma Aldrich PEDOT-PSS 50-120 ohm/sq 30000 0.005-0.012 $8.04
Sigma Aldrich PEDOT-PSS 50-120 ohm/sq 0.005-0.012 1.002 $4.54
Reduced Graphene Oxide Graphenea Powder 66.67 1.91 6667
Graphene: EC Cyclohexanone / Terpineol 3.4mg/mL 25000