Advanced Printing

Advanced Materials and Printing at ALT

ALT LLC pushes the boundaries of what is possible through Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing Research and Development. We don’t just do traditional Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) but specialize in a variety of AM processes. The primary focus of ALT’s research effort is to go beyond established single material AM processes and applications that only have conventional levels of functionality. We want to develop the next generation of 3D printing. In addition, we want to create multiple material, complex, heterogeneous 3D models, with higher functionality and more advanced materials.

The company regularly works with industrial designers, makers, architects, and researchers to develop custom 3D designs. In addition, we fabricate prototypes and provide 3D Printing Research and Development solutions to projects requiring unique advanced materials. Many materials can be used for AM today with ALT’s expertise and advanced systems. Materials such as conductive metals, flexible materials, or strong composites can be combined to create multiple-material, heterogeneous highly functional 3D printed objects.

3D Printing Research and Development
3D Printing Research and Development: Syringe Deposition Tool

Do you have an idea you want to print but you’re not sure if it’s possible? We will work with you to develop your ideas, providing design and modeling consultation, and make your dream become a reality. Call or email us today or fill out the form on our CONTACT page and we will get back to your right away.

We currently support 3D Printing Research and Development of custom parts and products for Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial, and commercial applications. As a result, we work with businesses, manufacturers and engineers for prototyping and end-use product development. In addition, we provide products and services for medical applications, most noteworthy lifelike 3D printed anatomical surgery training models. Find more information about ALT’s medical models on our sister site