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Not everyone has the desire or time to operate a 3D printer, nor the breadth of materials to print unique 3D objects.  ALT in Santa Barbara now offers a streamlined 3D Printing Service, competitive pricing, high quality, and fast turn-around time for all of your 3D printing needs.

Upload your CAD model below and we will generate a quote for you within 24 hours! Prices are based on your desired material, process and size. We have several printers capable of fabricating custom prototypes and functional parts in a variety of advanced materials.

We can fabricate parts with 100-600 micron resolution with build volumes up to X: 400 mm x Y: 400 mm x Z: 300 mm. Send us your file (most standard file types are supported such as STL, OBJ, etc.) and let us know the quantity, material type, color, infill, layer thickness, and units (inches, cm, mm) you need. 

Read about the step-by-step process HERE.

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We will carefully review your project and optimize your printing parameters to ensure the highest quality prints. We will send you a quote within 24 hours! If your CAD model needs to be adjusted for printability, we will give you feedback on what needs to be changed and work with you to fix the model.

Once your project is printing, if we find an error that cannot be fixed without further changing the model, we will cancel your order, send you an email, and refund 100% of your money. We will then work with you to make those adjustments and get your print going again as quickly as possible.

Come by and pick up your prints at the ALT offices on the beautiful American Riviera in Santa Barbara! Or have your prints shipped right to your door!