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Advanced Life Technologies LLC is a premier 3D printing startup pioneering advancements in a new era of manufacturing. The company provides design, fabrication, and consultation services for the next generation of 3D printing hardware, software, and materials. Located in Santa Barbara CA, ALT provides local 3D printing services as well as national and international. Stop by and pick up your print, or have it shipped right to your door.

ALT develops prototypes, tooling, and other complex components, including highly functional objects using Solidworks and proprietary software for subsequent model slicing and fabrication. ALT specializes in advanced materials. Our facilities are in place to engineer unique nano-inks, characterize new materials and composites with superior physical properties, and perform material property tests to determine tensile strength, elastic modulus, and hardness.

ALT has demonstrated thermosets and thermoplastics deposited in highly functional objects and macro/nanocomposite structures for high strength and high conductivity. ALT’s use of ecofriendly, sustainable, and renewable composites provide a good alternative to standard engineering materials. Using additive manufacturing, ALT can bring to life customer ideas, products, and designs. We provide tools for fast and¬†inexpensive development of high-quality objects.

ALT Offices Santa Barbara 3D Printing
ALT Offices for 3D printing services in Santa Barbara




ALT is run by Dr. Jonathon Barton PhD. Dr Barton obtained his PhD in Material Science at UC Santa Barbara, CA in 2004 . He has worked on a wide range of projects developing advanced micro and nanomaterials for optoelectronics, optical and electrical sensors, biotechnology for cell culture and diagnostics, anatomical models and synthetic tissues, as well as structural composites. Our team is diverse and energetic, including bioengineers, mechanical, electrical, software, and material science engineers.  What our team at ALT make for you?

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